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A series of three two-hour instructed life drawing sessions, taught by Clive Powsey. Each session will begin by introducing some basic drawing and figure drawing concepts in a 30-minute slide presentation and demonstration. This will be followed by a 1.5 hour life drawing session (including a 10-minute break) in which participants will be able to practice by drawing from life.

Topics covered include demonstration of good drawing position, measuring of angles and proportions, placement on page, planes and gesture, eye movements and limits of vision, blind contour drawing, memory drawing, and concepts of light and shade on form.

Materials not included. Please bring along the following:

• An easel is encouraged, but if you don't have one, you'll be shown an advantageous way of using a table or two chairs

• 18x24in drawing board (you can make your own by taping several sheets of cardboard together)

• 18x24in newsprint pad, 40-50 sheets

• Conte crayons black 2B

• Compressed charcoal sticks (make sure you get the softest grade possible)

• Kneadable eraser